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Default RE: Meister 1/5 scale P-47

That is cool. How did yours come out for weight and balance? I am concerned about it being too heavy in the tail and didn't want to add led if at all possible. That is why I have all the servos up front near the stated CG. Rudder and tail wheel are both pull-pull on separate servos. Elevators are on push rods. i also have servos for the choke and canopy up front as well. All well behind the engine though. I'm still on 72 mhz. You are correct though, we are taking a more scale approach. We did make some compromises on scale for simplicity, like you. No intercooler doors, no Fowler flaps, no landing lights or such, but she will have a very nice scale skin I think. Not Top Gun material, but very respectable, I hope. Please post some pictures if possible. We are keeping the two piece wing, but I wish I had gone with a similar mod as on my P-38. We could have very easily made it a three piece with plug-in out board panels. She could have stayed on the gear. O well, next time.