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Default RE: Meister 1/5 scale P-47

ORIGINAL: tempestmk5

While I was re-reading the posts I thought of a few things that happened to us with Cherry Mary. The elevators needed thin 1/32 strips covering the hinges. We experieced slight flutter at high speeds.I don't know if you already build like that,and being that I bought it almost completely built,I don't know if it was a flaw in the process. The flaps are so huge that we had to put very powerful servos,otherwise they wouldn't extend fully until very slow flight.Be ready for the takeoffs-it just levitates when power is applied,To make a low pass you have to hold it down when in ground effect.I noticed the green ones are bubbles but don't have the spine up to the veritcal stab. I've heard that there is extra stability to be found with either the spine or the razorback configuration.Cherry Mary is a razor,the new one is a bubble,and I added the spine.Just thinkin' out loud. Later.
Thanks again. Good tip on the elevators. The full scale bubble version had problems till the dorsal was added, so we figured just adding it. I think it looks better with it anyway.

Not surprised at the floating with this big flat bottom wing.

I have Hitec 5645MGs for the flaps. Hope they will do the job. 8411s on the ailerons and elevators, an 8611 on the rudder (pull-pull), 5625 on the throttle and a JR4721 on the choke, and a JR4131 on the air valve. I have a JR retract servo on the tail wheel at 260 oz torque and metal gears as well with a Y on the rudder and tail wheel servos. TBD is the canopy servo, the only other one we need.