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Default RE: spe-26 in big stick

Have you checked the timing on your SPE? Mine was set to 45 BTDC and it ran like crap. It run much better when it was reduced to the STANDARD of 28-30 deg BTDC. The ignition by Melody is also not the best unit out there. If you have problems, change it out for one made by RXEL, available through CH Ignitions (and others). It is currently the gold standard of Chinese ignitions.

That said, I agree, increase the prop (ground clearance permitting) to an 18x6. If ground clearance is an issue, try a 16x12. My SPE (not yet run in) is turning an 18x6 Xoar at 7000 even (altitude 300 feet above sea level). Because these Chinese engines are still so poorly fit together I have found that running the heck out of them on the bench is a good idea. I run a gallon or so of 32:1 ashless oil/gasoline through the engine at full throttle. It takes about 3 hours and afterwards they are much smoother, have better compression and no longer squeak and groan when you turn them over by hand.

Gerry Rosebery