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Default RE: spe-26 in big stick


About the vibration of the SPE... mine was so bad it literally tore apart the Funtana X100 I had it on. One of the fliers at my field is a retired industrial machinist. He volunteered to take the engine to his shop, tear it down and find the problem. He took the crank out and put it on a lathe and using a dial indicator found the crank to be slightly bent. The engine had never been crashed or dropped. Somehow he fixed the bent crank to within enough tolerance that he said it would be ok. I ran the engine on a test stand and it is much smoother now. It still has a little vibration to be expected, but nothing at all like it was.

Very interesting observation. Further proof that the engine is fundamentally junk put together with bent (??????) parts. What are they thinking, that ALL Americans are stupid? Since I bought one I guess I am, anyway!

Gerry Rosebery