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Default RE: looking for volcano pro or hurricane pro.

well i was thinking of getting a few models for the guys at my shop to teach them more about the batteries and rc in general,i looked at there new models about 2 months ago,i decided on the 1/8 scale light truck with the .18sh engine,i have always wanted a larger vehicle with a small block to see how much power i can make from the small block,kind of a challenge thing,i decided on the landslide 18,afterall it was there new vehicle so i figure parts would be around for a while at leas,so i saved my money and went online last night to order 2 of them and what do you know?there are discontinued?what the hell is going on,there were brand new like a few months ago.the first time i seen them they were out of stock and now thewy are discontinued?so so much for getting a redcat,its like they dont even sell trucks?i mean who put out a truck for only 3 or 4 months?losi still sells the xxx-t,hpi still sells the savage,whats with redcat?glad they didnt have one in stock for me,ever.because now i would be out of luck as far as parts go.every time i find a redcat i like they never have it for me?come on guys step up your game?i mean do you just do one run of a few dozen trucks and then thats it?the landslide was a new vehicle a few months ago and now it is discontinued?i never heard of a company doing a vehiocle for less than 6 months?i still want a redcat just because they come with the best engines but now i am quite nervous of getting one,by the time i get the thing broken in and running it will be discontinued and have no parts avalable?