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Default Quad catamaran on board video 121 k's

[link=http://sonicracingaustralia.com/v/OB121kph.wmv]On board, rear view. 121 kph. 20 MB 2 min 40 sec.[/link] Lots of water to see but still worth the download. Camera needs to be mounted higher.

[link=http://sonicracingaustralia.com/v/qc124kph.wmv]Quad cat 124 k run. 27 MB 3 min 45 sec.[/link] Fastest run ever for this boat, I don't know of any faster big cats except for the electrics and the jet turbines.

[link=http://sonicracingaustralia.com/v/qc121kph.wmv]Quad cat 121 k run. 21 MB 2 min 50 sec. [/link] This video was shot at the same time as the on board footage.

Cheers, Danny.