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Default RE: Best 26cc Engine

I've never run the OEM G26ei. The ignition is power hungry, and requires a hefty mah battery to feed it. If I had one of those engines, I would run an A123 ignition pack, or better yet, sell it for whatever I could get out of it, and replace it with a CH unit. CH igntions or Ralph Cunningham can suppy you with a conversion as well, and their circuits draw little current by comparison. I don't see any need to run anything more than the minium voltage required to run an ignition. So if it will run on 4.8v-??? I would run it on 4.8, as it has to shed that extra voltage in the form of heat, which is unwanted in your electrical components to begin with. There's no need to shorten the life of your ignition. Just pay attention to mah draw, and appropriately size your pack for the ignition you are running.

Here's Ralph's number if you want to give him a ring: 928 635 2455

Also, user TKG here on RCU is a top notch resource regarding ignitions (CH ignitions)