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Scott Prossen
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Default RE: MOKI RADIAL Care and Maintenence

ORIGINAL: nine o nine

Can anyone tell me what the result of running these engines with loose exhaust packing nuts would be. On Scotts suggestion I checked them after having run the engine for several hours and found them all to be barely finger tight. Could that cause uneven running at various throttle posititons......mid-range especially? I'm chasing down this problem with my engine.
Scott.....a 40% Waco? Read the build thread on the 30% on the scale RCU forum. Good stuff there. Especially noteworthy is the stab incidence being too low and the suggested balance point being too far aft. Mitch
Hey Mitch,

Good to hear from you. I wonder how much back pressure the collector ring muffler creates. Point being that if there is little to no back pressure than the loose nuts/connection are not causing your mid range problem.

Are you getting fire to all the cylinders with a temp spread of 15 to 20 degrees total between all five heads? Also I have found the valve clearances to be vital for smooth operation. Making sure the valves open and close properly and on time (gap) really affects so much of the smooth operating range of each engine. Do you check the valves to make sure they aren't sticking too. Very easy to do and is part of my regular maintenance. It usually gets taken care of when I clean the valves with the brake cleaner spray can and then blow it off with a compressed air gun.

It's got to be fuel, fire or air.......right? Not sure if I helped at all but maybe a few things to think about.