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Default RE: Out with Nirto In with Electric?

Sell the nitro and get the Flux. You will not regret it. You will think it's the best decision you ever made after 5 seconds behind the "wheel" of it. It's that good and puts a nitro Savage to shame in all areas of performance. If you are smart about what lipos you buy, you can have your Flux ready to roll for less than a grand.

My initial total:

Flux-$630 3S 5000mah Zippy lipos-2 x $62=$124 Hyperion 606i charger and Zippy balance tab- $150

Grand total- $904. No BS, that's real dollars and real performance no nitro Savage can match. You will want to add $20 to that total for the Castlelink USB adapter....it's a must if you want to easily tune your ESC.