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Default ASP .21 Series 3

225g/8oz. Rpm with the .21 after 3 tanks, with 2.5% nitro, 18%(50/50) oil:
MAS 8x3 17.7K
MAS 9x4 14.2K
Right now, it's only about 5% better rpm over the bushed LA .15. At this point: idle is good, midrange is a little rich, and peak is good. It still needs more break in time, because the needle is still REAL touchy.

2 more tanks through.
I go a new MAS 10x4 and got 11.6K-11.8K
I removed one of the head shims and got another 200rpm.
MAS 10x4 G/F 3 Series 12K just under peak.

Maybe too much prop fr the little .21? ...and still not broken in yet. There is such a difference between straight and level, and nose up. A few more tanks maybe. I'm going to try to fly it tomorrow, and do loop after loop to aid the break in.