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Default RE: Video editing software

Used U-Lead, I-Film Edit, Adobe Premiere 6, Studio 10, 11 and 12. Have Adobe Eelements, but have put off loading it until I get another PC. Neither Adobe nor Studio play well with others. Studio is a good value, edits well and has a short learning curve. Studio offers fewer video and audio tracks than Premiere, but how many times do you need 11 audio tracks when all you want to do is edit a 2 camera shoot of your latest crash? Adobe and U-Lead had similar learning curves. Heard good things about Vegas, but never tried it. Windows Movie Maker is surprisingly good for a freebie, but it lacks the add-ons that the other programs offer. Editing with cracked software is not prudent if you aspire to be the next George Lucas. Whatever you place in the public eye will be there longer than you will. Better to be legal.