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Default Newbie to K&B 3.5 O/B

I've just acquired an old, but unrun, 3.5 CC K&B outboard on a 38" tunnel hull boat of unknown make. It's unpainted, white ( ABS ?) plastic with molded in driver and engineer figures on each side. Any info on this boat and how to run a K&B 3.5 easily available?

It looks like the engine runs clockwise looking down on the spinner, is this correct? I guess just reverse the battery on my aircraft starter. It's also tight as all get out at TDC; I've oiled it with gun oil and un-gummed the carb barrel and turned it over by hand, but I'm not sure my starter will turn it over. Any ideas?

Can I run it on a test stand with a water bottle feed for cooling water on an IV type setup?

Thanks in advance for any info.