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Default Newbie to K&B 3.5 O/B

I am assuming that this is your first outboard. You are right, you do have to swap the wires around on your starter. K&B's are tight at the top and. They have a tapered bore on the sleeve. It will expand once thwe motor has warmed up. If you do have trouble cranking it over at first, loosen the glow plug a little but remember to tighten it back down once it is fired up. Adjust the high-speed needle to about 3-1/2 turns out from the bottom and then adjust it from there.
The biggest thing about the K&B outboards is that the drive dog is left-hand threaded. You will usually remove this to lube the flex cable.
You'll probably have more questions so keep them coming.
Another excellent site for outboard Lovers is www.intlwaters.com . I spend a lot of time in there. Some of the best OBers around hang out in there.