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Default Newbie to K&B 3.5 O/B

The IV style water hook-up works fine.Just connect your tubing to the outlet, and let the water flow out of the "pick-up" tube toward the prop.Splashes water everywhere!
The problem with running a "Boat" motor on a stand is that it's almost impossible to tune the engine. Without the drag( Load) of the prop pushing the water,you can easily run it way too lean, and ruin the engine. It's also common to over-rev the engine, and break the connecting rod. Personally, I'd just take the boat to the lake and run it.The ABC construction of those engines needs very little "Breaking in". Just run it really rich for the first several tanks, and lean it out a little at a time( carefully watching for the sagging characteristic of overheating).You'lle need the practice at tuning the needle anyway.Unless it's "Slobbery" rich,you can't adjust it on the bank.You have to just guess (keeping on the rich side for safety) and see how at runs when you launch it.Then adjust, and try again.