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Default Ted White

Ted White was/is a good ole" boy. I'm glad to hear that he is not yet room temperature, like so many of the RC pioneers. At the time he actually lived in Albaquerque NM, not Santa Fe. Whenever I would plant the airplane and kill off the radio, (frequently, I might add) I would box it up and send it to him on the Greyhound bus, as that was Ted's favorite method of radio transport. It rode back and forth to Albaquerque quite a few times. It had more bus time than flight time!!! It works today, considering it's age, and lack of suitable battery packs. (It has a seven button cell, four wire Rx pack). It also, like all radios of the period had monsterous connectors. Back then, servos had seven wires in the harness. When radios went to four wire servos, the connector sizes shrunk considerably. The newcomer to RC todayhas no clue of what we old timers used back then. Isn't todays equipment neat!

Harley Condra