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Default RE: GP Little Toni and a O.S..75AX

Hey Folks,
I got to fly her 3 times last Sunday.
So far, it is the fastest plane in my hanger by far, including the Sundowner 50 with an O.S. 55AX in her(1/2 the weight of the Toni).
Both of these planes have new motors in them and are still breaking in as far as I'm concerned.
I haven't either leaned them out or changed the props for speed.
I'm running a 14x6 on the Little Tony as for now.
Besides that the speed is a bonus for both planes, I'm looking to have some nice sport planes with plenty of vertical pull.
I like them huge loops
Maybe in the future we will turn the hounds loose and see what they'll both can do. Change props , muffler, rocket fuel, etc.
As for now I'm satisfied with the power setup in both planes
How does that cowl look>???
Thanks Guys
P.S. Spend the extra money for the 75AX is my vote.