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ORIGINAL: delboy630

One of the bevel gears on the Shenqqi Diff stripped. Stripped down the diff gear box and one of the larger bevel gears which the rear hub connects to is stripped, does the HPI bevel gears fit the rear drive hub? Read somewhere that both the KM and Shenqqi Bajas rear hubs have a slightly larger dia than the HPI ones and that this was due to copyright laws i.e there needed to be 10% difference between the original and th clone, so KM and TQ opted to make the change in the drivetrain. So is it a case that I will need to get a whole new diff or just the bevel gears?

Lookforward to the responses.

*** is everyone talking about?
just upgrade to the hpi baja ss diff for easy replacement, why bother trying to modify an fg diff when there are far better suited diffs available for the baja made by hpi?

check ebay for a complete ss diff they are around $50 or so and far more durable than the standard shenqqi diff!

Well sport, some are not aware that Shengqi makes HPI Baja clones, so it sounded like he might have been talking an FG Baja.