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Default RE: what brand nitro fuel?

ORIGINAL: rendezvous944

What's too much oi???. 18% is good. 12% is bad! Nothing wrong with widcat fuel. Stay in between and you should be fine.

ORIGINAL: cannouu

i was looking at maybe using the same brand. using the hpi branded fuel made by wildcat fuels. these any good? maybe since its the same brand that made my engine it'll run just how its supposed to. also, any tips on extending engine life? i wanna last through atleast 5 gallons on this engine.
That has alot of oil. See if you can find something with less oil. Too much oil is a bad thing.

Do the heat cycle method for breakin, start race tuning at tank 15, dont run lean or overtemp, and you should be just fine.
Are you serious? Nitro engines need 8-12% oil to run properly. 18% oil sucks because it is a RTR fuel. RTR fuels have cheap synthetic oil where if you get your engine hot the oil will burn meaning that there wont be any oil while in race fuels castor oil doesnt burn until a temperature never reachable by an RC engine. It is over 500F I think.

Alot of synthetic oil will cause extremely high temps, horrible performance, harder tuning, less engine life, and will just be fusterating to work with. You want fuels that have a high castor blend like Byron which has good protection if you run your engine over 350+ degrees. Trinity Platinum is also good fuel like MCSRacing said. I tried the 20% and I liked it. That has 8% oil with high castor.