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Default RE: what brand nitro fuel?

ORIGINAL: quietnas1

Maxys Fuel has 10% Castor Synthetic blend. Engine runs great no dyes in it so the fuel is clear and has tons of power. I agree. Too high a percentage in oit will give poor performance. Why do you think so many do not like the Traxxas fuel. High oil percantage and the engine runs super hot. Not to mention to much oil will also cause the one way bearing to slip. I found Maxys fuel on but they want some crazy prices. $82.00 for a gallon of 20%. I get 30% from my LHS for $32.00.
LOL, It is $82 for 4 gallons. That comes to about $20.50 a gallon. .12 engines can run up to 25%, better to stay at 20% though. 16% would cause the engien to run too hot because nitro burns cool, oil burns hot.