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Default RE: what brand nitro fuel?

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oh yea. im not so much into performance. as long as i can get it over 50mph. im willing to richen the fuel to make the engine last longer. also wanna do perfect engine break in. Im doing everything to extend the life, like sealing the engine (non-ps), fuel... Oh and what lubrication is good to put on the piston oil ring whenever i rebuild, silicone shock oil? i tried it and it gave me better compression because of the thickness.
50mph is extremely fast. 40mph is very fast. You should get 7 gallons if you do the heat cycle break in method, and dont run the engine lean or overtemp. You dont need to put any oil in the engine when you rebuild, maybe just a couple drops of after run oil but thats it. DONT use silicone oil in the engine!

The oil seems a bit high with the HPI fuel. What other fuel does your LHS stock? Or are you willing to buy online? If so, get the Byron 20% race from