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Default AE XP SC2000 ESC trouble?

Hey all, Question is how do you know if your esc or your motor is the problem? I have ran maybe a total of 8 packs through my SC-10 and it does not want to run. I took it to the track and it worked fine only ran for maybe 10 min as it was to dry and loose for my taste so out came the savage! Next day the SC wouldn't go. Peaked the batt and the the steering works, the green and red lights indicate that the esc is sending the juice altthough the combo light is on when it is neutral(can't remember if thats normal), even used a multimeter on the motor leads and the needle was indicating power going to the motor so I think it is ok. I pulled the brushes and cleaned them off with "zero-tri" a degreaser that is good to use for electrical also put a little on a Q-tip and cleaned up the shaft contact which seemed pretty dirty. Put the brushes back in the motor and still nothing. Is there any way to safely check the motor like maybe hook it to a 9v battery (independent of the esc or something? I'm baffled and new to electrics so any help is appreciated.[&:]