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Default RE: Tamjets F-16 remaiden

Hey Kevin-

No, not yet. Work and family are my priorities right now. Two jobs, & two teenage girls playing near year-round soccer occupies 99% of my time. Being an RCU moderator, CARS II and a couple of other local guys are the only thing that's kept me connected with jets this past year.

I only have a Simjet 3000 right now, and I think it's way too much engine for it. My RAM 750 is at JDE getting upgraded to full autostart, so when I finally get it back [sm=72_72.gif] I'll put it in the F-16 and get her airborne again.

Thinking seriously of picking up one of the CRJETS A-10's and putting a pair of Tam's new 7-stator fan units in it when they're available.