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Default RE: Forza Motorsport 3 tomorrow

Fooxy is spot on with some of the things.

First off. Some games Ive played in the past do that BS where you jump right in and are forced to play the game before you know what the hell you are doing. This NEVER works out well and is ALWAYS a pain in the @$$.
Second those snake tracks.... Those we're the #2 thing I hated about about forza 2. (#1 being if you don't have xbox live. you can't sell your car(s) for jack dittily)

Last... why DOE'S forza still not have a "drift spec" mode with a selection of drift tires and a more drift worthy suspension set up
Im dead serious. I have spent hours trying to tune a frikkin car to be able to drift. "D spec" could be a simple "auto tune" (kanye not included) feature that helps you get a basic starting point for drifting. most then just tight up front and loose in back.

I still pick forza over Grand Turismo. Even tho I've pretty much grown up playing that game, forza has something different