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Default RE: 2010 CORKS Sky Dive Rally


Those dates are great with Mary and I. We look forward to the fun!

I like Juans suggestions, Great with the steaks, use score sheet like at Muncie, no limit on nr of jumps, top five scores count for total.

You might consider one last jump to catch jumper while standing inside the center circle. Have a jump off for ties. T

Think we may could set a record with the number of jumpers in the air at one time with 2.4 on most jumpers now. We had 13 in the air a few years back before 2.4. It was really funny to see guys forgetting which jumper they are controlling. Maybe that would make too many corn field landings!!! If we could do that and have it certified someway, it would sure be a challenge for other groups and even other countries to try and beat the record. It would also be more publicity for skydiving.

Publicize the event all around the country someway. I passed out a pile of brochures at the Perry, Ga. swap meet. Could someone do the same at Joe Nall, Warbirds Over Deleware, Bomber field in Tx, etc and other big events? A magazine article if possible would go a long way. I know there are many R/C guys who are into r/c skydiving all over the east coast that may try to go if they receive brochures thru their clubs or directly to them. I will send one to everyone on my list including Mexico and Brazil when you come out with the brochure.

Last year, I made an offer to loan a jumper to anyone in this area if they would go to the rally-no takers but I will try again this year.

A few suggestions for starters!!!


P.S. I like white paint for the circle 'cause my eyeballs are usually blood shot and would block out Juans favorite color if used!!!! Come to think of it, maybe I could hit the circle more if I couldn't see it!