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Default RE: Forza Motorsport 3 tomorrow

Here is my $0.02.

I am not a gamer so to speak, as a matter of fact I haven't played my 360 in about 6 months to a year, and before that I would only play it every 6 months or so. I guess its because I play a game for about an hour, then I am bored. Forza 2 is a good example, bear in mind that is the most advanced racing game I have played, so I will be a little biased.

With the Xbox controller or wheel, the cars just don't handle like real life. Some cars almost feel like a schoolbus when turning, but this is probably since I am used to racing rc cars where traction and steering are at an adundence, but still, it jus doesnt feel real and makes me not want to play the game. I would like a big company like Microsoft, etc. to create a RC on/offroad racing game, not a stupid game with power ups and tire/fuel/power/handling upgrades. A game like VRC, but with more than 2 people trying to create this huge game. The only game I have really stuck with is VRC v3.5, because you can race against people, and it is rc cars.

Although nothing is more fun than being on the drivers stand running a 45 minute main, VRC's 45 minute mains do get my heart racing. But the console games just dont see to be very fun, IMO.

Now, how are you guys going to correct me, because I know I made alot of mistakes because of my newbishness with consule games.