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LOL dreamcast, i still have mine and some games , the dreamcast was the best the only thing let it down was no dvd player , it never overheated , the internet thing on it died about the same time the console lost its support when the homepage shutdown , and most of all mine still works and no red ring of death lol from a machine that was invented over ten years ago , lol go buy a brand new xbox 360 today take it home , take it out of the box and it will suddenly freeze and red ring lol thats 2009 technology for you at its best
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dude not to be mean but that link is from 2006... not really helping your 2010 - sony is not that dumb.

Ive seen 2010-2011-2012 and so on.
Honestly It doesn't matter to me. Most of the times they get pushed back in date. then ALWAYS have a bunch if bugs when they get released. If they started saying 2010, its still really soon.

Im just over the whole Run out and buy a $700 system then a year later its down to $299 or something close. Im still pissed about buying a brand spanking new Dreamcast then having that get completely smashed by the PS2 6 months after (or something close to that date) Gaming is fun but with most of the games to date, and systems, It just seems like its all a bit of a disappointment[&o]

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