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Default RE: The RCFW Hellcat Group Build

Perhaps a 1/6 scale Corsair or even a larger version of your Hellcat?
The 1/6 Corsair is already under way, although stalled for the moment while some other things get finished up. Please note that this started out as an enlargement of the Royal plan but has evolved into a totally new design.


A larger version of the Hellcat is a very distinct possibility. However I probably will only go up to 1/7 scale which would be about 74 inches span. Any bigger than that you already have the Jerry Bates, Nick Ziroli, Don Smith, Don Lien, Iron Bay, and probably some others I'm forgetting. Other warbirds are being considered in the 80-85 inch range however, including a Yak-11 (see link) which is being prototyped as we speak as well as some others.