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Default RE: 2010 CORKS Sky Dive Rally


You need to get everything squared away for the trip to Columbushow else can the rest of us have a chance to beat you next year!

Mike and The Pauls,

I agree with Jules on the long trip to get here then limit the number of jumps. In addition to Jules long, expensive trip, many of us travel around 12 hrs from the deep south, or spend a lot of $ for airline tickets flying, and Juan almost has to go around the world to make it from the great northwest. It wouldn't be worth the money and effort to end up making only a few jumps. Come to think of it, no matter what ya'll decide, it would still be nice to spend some more time with old Skydiving friends again.

As Don says, getting vendors there would be quite an effort unless the event gets large enough to attract some attention in the R/C world. Local Hobby Shops may be interested and some large Hobby dealers may donate some extra stuff for prizes. However, they have gotten a little stingy in the last few years! An article about R/C Skydiving in some of the R/C magazines would help a bunch.

Night jumping would be very interesting!! Never thought of putting lights on a skydiver before-hmmmmmm!

This is getting more interesting as time goes by. Keep it up!!!

Time to get off my soap box!!!