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Default RE: Savage Flux dead after 20mins Will they repair?

ORIGINAL: t9dragon

ORIGINAL: spoonrc

I just dropped $800 aud on a brand new flux. I came home and soldered on all my new connectors to my batteries and charged them (brand new batts) plugged them in and went for a spin, was going great decided to gear down to the 25 pinion and go to the park, at the park for about 3mins when it stopped moving, gave it some more throttle and it went again but then stopped 1 second later.

No lights on the ESC and nothing when i turn it off. I have disconnected the esc from the motor and the rx. No smoke or burning smells. Running on 5000mah 30C 3S obviously in series.

The only thing that is pissing me off the most is that before it stopped working the esc cracked probably from a small flip, it worked absolutely fine after that so I know its nothing to do with that. Will they still repair it for free?


When you were using the 3s lipo, did you remember to set the LVC for a 3s lipo? If you didn't that might have caused some of your problems...

The MMM will automatically detect if its using 4S or 4S LIpo's, you can count the beeps when you turn it on and it corresspends to how my Lipo cells are connected.