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Default RE: 2-metre trimaran build log

yes Had a look at your build thread for your 65cm tri and it is quite similar to how I constructed mine. One major difference though : Yours sailed as for mine suffered a different fate - this was a winter project when I was part of a club and one icy winter morning as I went to the club to collect my 3 almost finished hulls to work on the rig at home I slipped on the icy up hill path to the the car and fell on my hulls, breaking 2 and seriously damaging the 3rd one. ((

This was a serious step back from me and as I now wouldn't have time to finish my boat before the new season another skipper asked me to race his tri at the endurance races and I bought the platform of a Cobra design Mini40 tri which I finished and raced. The major problem with this design was 1) float volume : it was inspired from current 18m tri and though it look fantastic at the time the volume was too far back which made her difficult to sail and to keep up right. 2) she was heavy (well mine anyway).

I know have fully restored her with new carbon rigs, new sails and new electrics. Fix her broken arms but couldn't do much for the weight but this is not important here as we have no multi class so I use her and my other multi a 1.7m Cat replica of Jet Service IV for show to get people interested in model boat.

I have set up the national IOM class with 2 others few years back and I am trying to generate interest in model boat in the country. No need to say it's not an easy task. The funding of the class was from our own funds and now that we have a small fleet of 15 skippers we ask for a small fee to cover the class cost and promotion.

Nonetheless whilst I really like racing IOM I have never lost my love for multis and my next project will be performing and sea capable 2m for a project of mine to raise the profile of model boat in the country. Hence my interest in your project and I believe Ernst did some too ? I think foncia and bonduelle if I am correct. But if you or Ernst have the "stretch" plan of the nightmare to 2m I would be interested as well as your pics and build log.

I have been following the 2m class in France closely as they are quite active. They are basically composed of a French and Suisse fleets here is the link to their website which has a good photo gallery :
And if you're interested here is the website I created for the IOM class :

PS if you go to home and then select other classes then big RC boats you will go to the page with the pics of our 2 Maxi RC boats : a replica of Illbruck a VOR60 and my Jet Services (no pics yet though)