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Default RE: Scale Combat Wingspan rules?

AMA 750 Combat is the same as RCCA 2610. that is the 12th scale combat +/- 10% of scale rule. 2548 is an RCCA event . Check on www.rccombat.com what events are being flown in your area. that might direct you as to what to build. There are also links to kit mfgrs for each. JKaerotech makes som every durable 2610 planes. Hat trick pretty muct has the market for 2548, though if you read the scale forum Texas Flugelworks (sp) is making some items and ther is a person out of West Palm FL that makes a great oscar kit for 2548.

FLwe have pretty much abandonded 2610, 2548 is a limited class withspec weight, prop and RPM. which seems to keep the damage down and the contest more about pilot skill.

Ihope this helps. you might get more response to use the RCCA forum, great group of guys.