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Default RE: Forrest Sherman class destroyer

Hydro Junkie,

Thanks to all for the replies, I appreciate the answers. It looks like I might have dropped my question in the wrong place, but I'm sure you'll guide me to the right place. I was thinking more on the lines of building a semi-scale craft to just put around the pond with, nothing for actual combat. Although it would be neat to have those five inchers capable of doing something. The dual three inchers would be neat also to have them in operable mode. Then the torpedo launchers and hedgehogs would have to come alive.
OOPPSS, kinda got carried away there, my bad. I'd like to build on the larger scale, and this would be my first boat project, and I do have a lot of pictures to aid my build.
The Barry DD 933 was on the Cuban blockade, I was there on her just a boat length away from those Russian freighters with the missle cans onboard them.
Ah, sorry about the rambling, just a boat to put around the pond with. Any ideas as to where locate any plans would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jim
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