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Au Contrair, Mon Ami. Not a bad day at the pond at all.

First, though I have been battling for years, I am primarily a transport captain. This is only my second battle driving an armed ship. Still working out the bugs (many many bugs) im my technique. I learned a lot. Also, since I was on convoy protection duty, and had loaded a used CO2 tank with limited CO2 (very long story), I ran out of gas pretty early on. I became more of a damage absorption unit. The Altmark only got, I think, 2 aboves on her. After he was off the pond, I decided to go back out unarmed and try a technique that had been discussed but I had never tried. Since I have my pump on an ESC, I loaded up the water cannon and tried to shoot a stream into Mo's barbettes. Not such a grand idea, it turns out, especially with a huge ball of moss trapped in my rudder......


There are several sources for plans listed in the links on the NXBG.org web site, and other clubs listed there have links as well. And there are several producers of fiberglass hulls linked. 3-5 inchers can be armed with BB caliber guns in Big Gun (1/144) or 3/16" guns in QO (1/72), I believe.

Welcome to the fray. I think you may find that, once you have built the ship, you will really want to do something more with it than just drive it around. The combat is a lot of fun, even when you are taking hits - as you can gather from my response to Hydro. If you decide you do want to do combat, be sure and pick a club that you want to battle with's rules on construction and armament. If you want to come to NABGO, that would be the NTXBG ruleset for now, and eventually the BGWCI rules when complete.