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Planning stage.
After I'm done with the Panther, my next project is going to be the P-61.
(Panther thread:
I've got a complete kit, all the FG parts, canopies and ABS parts.
Also a set of robart retracts.
I've got the wheels and brakes on order from Darrell.
I don't see too many of these at all the flyins that I go to.
I only saw one at last summers CARDS flyin up in Michigan that Harold Morris flew.
I'll be putting two G-62's in her.
This may sound like 'over kill' but that's what Harold had in his and it flew very scale.
The original plans call for G-38's: those sound a little too small and 45's would probably be a good size.
It's interesting as the G-38's have dimensions of 170 mm long by 130 mm wide by 215 mm high and the G-62 has 162.5 mm long by 140 mm wide by 185 mm high (taken from my Zenoah manual).
I've got some of Dick Bennett's G-62 thin carb mounts and mufflers so that will significantly reduce the width needed for the G-62.

I thought I'd get this thread started early to get input so when I start the build, I can 'hit the ground running':
I'd appreciate any suggestions on the build, especially from those who've, previously, have done this kit.
I plan on having fully functioning doors and spoilers.
I heard that the ailerons should be made larger for more response (won't be scale but more functional!).
Checking the plans for the G-62's, it looks like 32 oz tanks will easily fit in the booms.
The kit is hand cut from aeroworks by Chuck Gill.
I haven't looked through all the wood yet but I'm hoping the critical ply is aircraft ply to save me the extra work that I needed to do on re-enforcing the Panther's ply.
I also haven't decided yet on making the main center parts as one or bolts together (ie: booms, center pod, center wing and horizontal stab).
Making it as one piece would make it lighter (in theory) but for any future work, it sure would be nice to disassemble it into it's major components.
Most twins that I've done saved a ton of wiring by using two receivers so I'll probably go that route.

pic 1-3:
A 34 lb box of balsa, canopies, FG and ABS parts

pic 4:
Servos, mufflers and thin carb mounts.
(I still have to buy the engines)

pic 5-9:
The five plan sheets (I'm going to have to buy another hollow core door for this baby: at 114", she's big!)

pic 10/11:
a plastic model.
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