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She looks good. Looks like the Marine color version.
Nice belly landing.


Inventory (cont)

I took each plan and put all the parts needed for that assembly and all parts were there (pretty impressive kit).
All the critical ply parts are just three ply: For gear formers and wing tube ribs, I'm going to sister some aircraft ply to them.
It'll be easier to 'sister' them as I won't have to have exact duplicates.
The outer wings only have one full ply rib (inner most one F-8) as ribs F-9/10 are only balsa with a short rib ply for the wing tube for F-10.
With a 45 lb plane, those outer wings should get some stress so I'll shear web the spar.
For such a large and 'complicated' looking plane: the build really doesn't look like it'll be bad.
Each component is built individually but there will be a lot of planking.
The only thing different is the double supports to the wings in the booms.
The hinges for the rudders and elevators are cool as ply hinges are supplied and a long wire will be used to connect the moving surfaces to the plane.
There were a lot of plastic bags and some had parts for different components in one bag so each plan now has all it's parts (save the general balsa stuff: ie, stringers, planking, etc) and I'll just bag and mark each for their respective plan.
There are lots of maple hard mounts for wings to booms and center fuse so I'm sure that I'll now go for the 'dis-assemble' version (besides, I doubt if I could get it out of the basement as one piece!).
I see no provision for a removable horizontal stab but that should be an easy mod.
(correction: I see screws on the plans for the elevator to booms and the end ribs are ply so the elevator is also set up for dis-assemble.)
It appears that there is only one servo for the elevator: I'm going 'how I did the Yellow P-38' and use two servos as 1) safety in case one servo 'goes out' and 2) it seems like the elevator would 'warp' at the far end with only one control horn at the other end.

pic 1:
Center fuse plans/parts.
About 4 formers are split in half versus the plans: I assume the kit cutter did this to save on ply.

pic 2:

pic 3:
Never did find any 'OLT' parts on the plans but maybe they are for the gear doors!

pic 4/5:

pic 6:
The kit has a spare bag of ribs for the extra long ailerons (which I'll be using just in case the spoilers stop working or do not function 'as planned').

pic 7:
Spoiler parts.
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