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It is I, chiming in as predicted by Pete!

Except, I think I may have at least $0.04 worth on this topic.

In addition to the VQ-61, I fly two Ziroli-61's built by other guys, one by the famous and stellar Bill Fuori, who might serve as the best resource/contact on building this bird.

I am thrilled to see you start this project and I will follow with great interest. I can't think of anyone better qualified or skilled or dedicated and I'm sure you will teach us a thing or twenty.

BUT FIRST , a couple opinions and experiential observations from yer Uncle Mark:

1) Early on, why dontcha call up Darrell at Sierra and beg him to make a set of gear for this plane. Please? I've been after him for a few years....offered to buy two sets, but I don't think there's nearly enough volume demand to justify the start-up.

2) My green one has G-38's, flies nicely and sips gas, but has not an overage of power. My Blackie has G-62's, which hang out of the cowls like crazy and guzzle fuel, but swinging 20 X 10 Mejlik 3-blades, it is an attention-grabbing, snarly monster on the flight line and in the air. Perhaps my favorite plane (hence the avatar).

3) My first one (Blackie with the G-62's) was built very prettily, but was not airworthy in many ways, so I spent a lot of time rebuilding it and that taught me a lot about the airframe. One of the big things was fuel tanks. It came equipped with 14 ozer's. Ain't that funny for G-62's?! I had a lot of trouble finding a big enough tank that would sit in the boom behind the firewall and in front of the tail servos. Check those plans again to make sure you're accounting for the space needed to allow the main gear to retract and the servos. I tried some custom glass tanks which didn't work very well (in fact were the cause of the engine-out filmed below), before finally settling on the short-axis 750 cc Graupner tanks, which give me a dependable 10-12 minutes of high throttle on the G-62's. Blackie was badly damaged in a rough landing (pilot error) two years ago and I am just finishing the rehab and conversion to 2.4GHz.

4) My newer, green one, built by Fuori, is not super-scale detail (no rivets or guns), but best I can tell is perfectly built. On Carburation Day before maiden, I couldn't find ANYTHING to adjust, much less fix. If you wanted close-up pix or tech specs on any part of that one, let me know.

4) Both mine have dual elevator servo's. I haven't looked at the plans in a while, but hard to imagine how ONE servo could ever be trusted for anything other than static display.

5) The plane flies great with the spoilers and the small ailerons, just like the real one. I suspect it would fly great without any ailerons at all, but just like the test pilots of the 1940's, we would be loathe to try.

6) As an experienced P-38 flyer, I'm sure you will enjoy the gentler flight character of this plane and the fact it looks just as "mean" in the air. About the only thing it doesn't have over the P-38 is the wealth of war history.

7) Below are a couple of still photos from me flying the green one at our Multi meet this September and Blackie near completion of rehab last week in my shop. Also, a couple of youtube links for the video of my green maiden in Owatonna this summer and the engine-out flight of Blackie three years ago.



OK, I'll shut up now and enjoy this thread. Call or email me if you have any questions. As you know, I am much less a scale and detail craftsman than either you or Pete, but that's more of a time constraint thing. I do love watching you guys work yer magic!

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