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Yo Kram,
Wow, thanks for the cool videos and wealth of info.
I really appreciate you giving me input on this baby.
Thanks for the tank info: the graupners would be 25 oz which is good for G-62.
When I checked with the dubro 32 oz tank, I just stuck it in the former and didn't look on the plan to see where the servos are and they are just behind the tanks so that's a good point for me to check before the 'glue up' of the booms.
I've got the VQ P-61 that I built/flew back in 2005: with that large wide wing, she was an 'easy flyer'.
That first year, I put about 26 flights on her and she's been in the hanger, 'ever since'.
I love flying twins and really enjoyed flying my C-45, last summer: The C-45 is always a 'crowd pleaser' so taking both of these planes to flyings will be fun!
I've got Darrell doing my wheels and brakes but I'm going to stick with the robarts as 1) I already have them and 2) those babies are expensive and I don't need two pair!
That green with strips sure looks like it would be easier to see in the air than the black: I plan on going with the black scheme and hope the size makes her more visible in the air!
As mentioned before, I'm doing the G-62's but those G-38's on your green one in the video sure sounded good; You must have different mufflers on them as my C-45 twin beechcraft with G-38's is very quiet with stock mufflers.
Where did you get the spinners as the P-61 shape is very unusual?
The plans call for 6.5" wheels with 4" nose but Darrell says he's making 6" and 4.5" B-25's so I'll be getting those: it slightly alters the pitch on the ground but should be OK.
That's another reason why I'm going with G-62's: more scale props.
I see that you're using 20X10 three blades: Mejzlik is very efficient so my idea of using two 3W 20X12 4-blade props probably won't work as it'll be too much of a load on the G-62's.
Scale ailerons would be nice but I'll feel more comfortable with the larger ones in case the spoilers go south on me, I'll have the ailerons as back ups.

pic 1/2:
a few pictures of my VQ P-61.

pic 3:
I've put all the individual major parts in their own box so when I start building, it will save me a lot of time (I spent several hours just sorting and organizing everything!).
Building will probably start shortly (a week to two): the panther's fuse is glassed, I need to hinge the wings and then glass the wings, stab and moving surfaces. After that, I need to prime her: I use two part epoxy primer, which I do outside due to its toxicity, but the weather for the near future is in the 30's, which is too cold for painting so it probably won't be long before the P-61 is on the 'board'.
A logical sequence seems to be
center fuse
center wing,
stab and/or outer wings.
Send me your email and phone to samparfitt@fuse.net as I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions.

Again, thanks for all your help.

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