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Default RE: December 7th 2009

I live here and happen to work at the Shipyard. Today the Air Force had a flyover of four F-15's, and performed their 'missing man' formation, (where one of them peels off from the other three. They do it every year, and it's a very moving experience). If you go to Hickam AFB, you can still see bullet impacts to several of the buildings from that day.

We received the USS Missouri about 10 years ago, and they dock it right in line with the USS Arizona, (although it's in drydock right now, doing work on the hull). The two battleships are thought of as where the War started and ended.

If any of you do come here, try and go to the USS Utah menmorial on Ford Island as well, (none of the tour groups will take you to see it, but it's worth getting a one-day pass and driving over the Ford Island bridge to see it. They also finally opened the Pacific Air Museum on Ford Island, and that's really worth the time too.

Along with the tanks mentioned at Fort DeRussy in Waikiki (and the museum there at Battery Randolf is free and really worth going to), there is an M4A3E8 up at Schofield Barracks at the 25th Infantry museum there. It has the name "War Horse" stenciled on the side, and a turret like on the Mato Sherman, (but with a muzzle break). There is also an LVT-P5 at the entrance to Marine Corps Base Hawaii (which used to be known as Kaneohe MCB, for those of you who haven't been here in awhile). -Mike