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Default RE: December 7th 2009

Hey Jeff. Yeah, the Pacific Air Museum is getting better all the time. I know that they just pulled an SBD Dauntless out of Lake Michigan that's destined for here, after restoration in Florida. Eventually they hope to open the control tower and attached building as part of the museum as well, but so far, they've only managed the funds to get ready to re-paint it. The exhibits there are first class - you can tell that a lot of heart and soul went into each of them. I think one of my favorites is the tiny bulldozer that they brought from Niihau, where the owner used it to plow up fields all over the island, in an attempt to keep the Japanese from landing there and establishing a forward base. Fascinating stuff!

I took an older gentleman there - he used to fly B-25's at the end of the war, and then worked for the FAA for the rest of his career. When he saw the B-25 they have on exhibit there, (it's a later model that's mocked up to look like a B model, which was used on the Doolittle Raid), he got a little misty-eyed. It was VERY worth the effort.

We're losing these folks quickly, and they have a huge amount of information to share. -Mike