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I'm new to this forum, but have had a few RC's. Figured i'd introduce myself here, and see if anybody is still going to the BJ's bash spot for some cold weather bashing?

I just picked up an mgt 8, and want to really stretch its legs, and it would be great to meet some other rc'ers.

Another spot that is good to go is Floyd Bennet Field - not near the football fields, but further back - right before the bridge to the rockaways. make a left into the park over there, and keep driving, you'll see a good bashing spot, and some makeshift bashing tracks. there's also an incredible onroad track back there - not sure if its all welcomed, or if you have to be a part of brooklyn hobby's club (they hold the permit for the track from what i understand) and ample concrete to run on besides the official track.. but strictly on road cars may have some problem - its the old airfield, but its not perfectly even anymore, and has large tufts of grass in between the cracks.