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Default Oh no! my cousin wants to build a boat!

Yep! as per the topic and I agreed to have fun building it with him, he just turned 18 and this is something he has wanted to do for a while except that his parents would not let him as "boating is too dangerous" ... ditto with motorbikes (though as a rider myself, I can almost agree on that, he lives in an area with the WORST drivers in the state).

Anyways back on topic, he wants to build a sort of "experimental" but moreso just a boat for having alot of fun motoring around in moderate and semi-rough waters (we visit lakes that have openings into the great blue deep as well as protected areas of water) our specifications are that it can be trailered by a smaller car (probably around 14-17ft length, I have a 13' aluminium and it goes fine on my corolla, but a new pickup is in order soon)

His basic idea is a little 2 seater homebuilt sportboat from a mix of wood and a bit of glassing, outboard drive because of the size and our lack of experience with any form of inboard drive, decent power from the rear too and able to reach decent cruising speeds. He seems to have ALOT of importance onaestheticswhere as i really care about the function of it. From his descriptions and doodles... it seems he wants a scaled down tunnel or cat racer, but who am I to complain, its fun to build things.

So this is what I need help with from any boaters, what would be the best hull design to give a decent mix of stability is moderate waters but also a decent cruising speed? I was thinking either a stepped rounded cat hull or a V-design. not sure yet. We have 2 Tohatsu 25hp motors that have been provided free of charge but need a good service and new props, but they run. I'd probably want something better IMHO, I've never really liked the tohatsu's we have had in the past.

Also should I reconsider the building materials? I really love the idea of building from wood and glass, but I'm concerned about the strength in real life, i.e engine weight on the stern and if it comes off a wake and slaps down onto the water, will it be strong enough? Obviously alot of it will be in the hull design itself to make it strong but it still concerns me greatly

Cheers, chris.

Ps. I can glass perfectly fine but prefer the fun of wood, also I'm not quite sure where to get bulk glassing supplies in NSW? maybe some other aussies with experience could help. The best I can find is at paint and panel stores where you get the coarse glass only in small packets and 2 litre tubs of resin :'(