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Default RE: another big dumas swamp buggy

hi i made the dumas big swamp buggy from a kit and mine was awsome i used monokote insted of the epoxy finish and used a car roof to cover the big hatch hole in the front i ran an LA 40 os motor with an air knife 11x9 2 blade synthetic prop also had the tank in the stock location with the stock rudders it worked great its very very fast and does alot of drifting in the turns so make sure u have a big pond you can get the dumas assembly instructions on line id reccomend you make it the way they say to do it they have been in the boat business almost 50 yrs and they know whats doin
remember this is not a flat bottom but more like a hydro boat it really screws and you need to be aware of winds it will lift up and litterally start to fly with a gusty head wind (trust me i flew mine 25 feet before it hit the water again and kept on goin) was about 4-5 feet up i couldent beleive my eyes

ok attached a few pics of my killer buggy i loved the thing ran great on the water and the snow beware starting this this is kinda scarey it has no prop shroud so dont cut your hand off moving it to the water after u start it hope i helped a bit

crap im sorry but the buggy pics are in .bmp format and wont load on this site ill see if i can convert then to jpg as soon as i can