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Default RE: Do I need Twinsync

The right engine of my Mossie is noticeably more powerful than the left engine, 500rpm easily, maybe more. It's not a problem, and I don't use a Twinsync. The engines actually synch themselves in the air, as the more powerful engine pulls more of the load, and the weaker engine unloads more. You can hear the engines go in and out of synch as I turn, depending on how well I use the rudder.

The Twinsync would probably make take off easier, since it would keep the engines together as you throttle up. On my Mossie, I have to be very active on the rudder as the two engines will sometimes spin up at different rates (a long, slow-starting take-off roll helps here, giving the engines time to come up slowly together).

And the Twinsync could really help on an engine-out of course. I'm fairly sure the plane you're talking about is pretty docile on single engine, so it's probably not a huge deal.

That said, compared to the cost of the model, a Twinsync isn't very expensive, and if it makes you more calm while flying the model, it could be worth it for you.