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Default RE: A good starter heli?

wrote all this before you posted Shannon!!


there are plenty of helis on the market now! the trick is to collate your own information from research and passed on 'wisdom' from others on sites such as this! search through it all and take away what you feel you need!!

it all boils down to personal preference, where you want to fly/ what space is available, clubs, etc. another good point is what does your LHS stock(?) as there are a lot of online shops but there will always be a time when you'll need a part there and then!!

have a look also, on the second hand sections on here especially (just saw an ad for a second hand T-Rex 450 XL minus Tx & Rx for $250)!!

you obviously have lots of RC background so i wouldn't suggest going for a cheap bird, go for as good as you can afford and it's less likely to disappoint with shoddy parts!!

tell us what you've narrowed it down to and we'll give yer our penneth!

Matty )}}}}]@>