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Default RE: A good starter heli?

If you go with the HK450, I would recommend that you get the DX6i. It's a very reasonably priced Tx for the features, plus you won't have to drop the extra into a nicer controller later which would just add extra expense to your next heli (you'll be looking at more like $50-$100 for just an Rx vs. $200+ for a Tx/Rx combo. You can also use the DX6i for powered airplanes and gliders if you so choose to fly them as well as helis. Only get the HK radio system if you absolutely cannot afford to get a better Tx.

You could get the HK450 with the DX6i and an extra battery or 2 for the price of the BlueRay.

Unfortunately, you must use a RealFlight Interlink controler with G4.5. RealFlight uses the Interlink controller as a copy protection device and cannot be used without it. They also do not sell the Interlink separately (you may be able to call their tech support, explain the situation, and get another one). However, if you were to have the Interlink, you could use the DX6i with it by plugging the adapter cable into the Interlink and the DX6i, then configuring the DX6i in the sim.