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Default RE: A good starter heli?

the hk 450 is a nice starter heli , i am almost finished with mine . the one thing i wouldnt skimp is the radio , futaba or spectrum. you need a good radio to program the ccpm , the more features in the radio the better. do a search for the alighn xl and check the reviews of it , there not very good as to the newer aligns out now. the good thing about align if bought new they come with esc and motor and lipo depending on the package you get . its taken me to reserch read many posts /build videos and till i got and measured the servo openings and motor mounts to see what size fit in there its been over a month and still cost me as much as a align 450 kit/ less radio


all the work is done for you and still in the same price range as my hk450 less all the aluminum [X(] (mine is all plastic) and the servos you could start off with some cheap 9 gram servos for learning to hover and a decent head locking gyro for now ... another reason to get a good radio , for programming the gyro