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Default RE: Skymaster Viper

I have flown two of my vipers from grass probably 10-15 times. No issues at all. The U/C is very strong, but remember it is also very long and thats a heavy jet ( Especially when fueled ) Although I have never damaged an U/C mount or wing I dont think it would take much of a hard landing or a diver/ pot hole to put a heck of allot of load on the bearers.
Basically what I am saying is that if you have a nice smooth strip and you are confident of landing it well ( Smoothly ) Each time then no problem. But I cant see it coping well with being dumped down on a stalled landing or hitting a pot hole. Having said that other than an Ultra bandit or an airworld jet I cant think of may other jets of this size and weight that will.
I had smoke fitted to one that we built for a customer. 2x 24 oz Dubro tanks either side of the main tanks ( Above inlets ) worked out well.
Have a read through the " Another viper jet " thread. This has pretty much al the mods and changes that we have made to the 9 viper jets that we have been involved with building/ flying.
Good luck, its an awesome plane that I have had lots of fun with, and has out sold even our highest expectations.
Regards Al