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Default Slammer Dan vs Outerwears crankshaft cover?

Ok, im starting to building a "protection list" for my 5T at DDM so when I finally get it, I've got the best stuff I can install on it to help protect my $1000+ investment.

That being said, I see now that Outerwears is now offering a crankcase cover for our engines. What has peoples experience been with which one protects better? Which one is easier to remove and clean? Any particular faults with one or the other I should be aware of?


Also, i've been outa the Baja mods/upgrades for awhile, so is there anything new and or better for air filtration beyond putting on a Redneck filter and outerwears?

I'm also planning on putting on a little blue exhaust tube from the stock muffler so the exhaust doesn't get all over the rear frame of the 5T. Any issues with this other then sound reduction?

Also, is the Baja 5T chassis cover from Outerwears worth it or not? Or should I get the full front and rear ATX guards now available instead?


I basically i'm looking at giving my 5T maximum protection to reduce wear and tear so I can enjoy it more fully and keep maintenance down. Please don't suggest mods/performance upgrades. Those will come later when I feel the need and or when stuff breaks. I plan on blowing out my Baja with an air compressor after each run before I bring it inside, so if that negates purchasing a product, let me know.