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Default RE: Skymaster Viper

ORIGINAL: bonanzadrv

How will this plane handle a p180??

I am worried about weight with my must have smoke system and bigger engine, of a grass field.
What you think is better lighter or more power to get off the grass faster???

I'm running a P200SX (and several others have also a P200 in theirs) in mine, total weight is 23,5 Kg including fuel. The plane handles like a "feather" with that weight,lands SUPER slow (slower than my Boomerang Elan!), no problem whatsoever.
More details in the big Viperjet thread, I have written the weight down on all the parts of the plane (wings, elevator etc)
I will change my main struts to the Trailing Link type Digitech is offering (I'm getting a pair in short time to try out), that will make it even more perfect for grass