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Default RE: JJ1400 14lb Turbine Stripdown/Rebuild


Good to see it running again EGT's look good. You made a flight with the 2 piece cone? I only get 4.62 kg's of thrust at 167k with the 2 piece. Egt's about the same as yours. A single piece cone from a 1200 (a bit wider then a 1400 cone) gave me 5.6kg's at 167. Egt rose 40-50.

Is it possible for you to measure the thrust?
Yes flying has been done with two piece cone, I think the thrust is now the same as before with the single piece just going by the Push felt on the ground and the vertical performance. I believe I never had all injectors working properly from the start and the single piece cone then was poor, much different now. Single piece may be tried again at a later stage but not needed on this model anyway.